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FERS Supplement and Survivor Benefit Guide (Part I of II)
Edward A. Zurndorfer, Certified Financial Planner
The FERS supplement temporarily provides an additional amount of post-retirement income to a FERS annuitant who retires before age 62. In this guide, federal benefits expert, Ed Zurndorder, provides insight on who qualifies for this benefit, how it is calculated, when it starts, and when it ends (with several practical examples) [ MORE ]

State-By-State Guide to Taxes for Retirees
The free online tool provides a detailed summary of state taxes on income, property, and everything you buy [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Leave Chart / Record / Calendar
Keep track of your 2016 leave with this handy calendar downloadable in PDF [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Holidays
Here is a list of the public holiday schedule in 2016 for federal employees [ MORE ]

Checkbook Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees and Annuitants for 2016
The guide tells you how much money you can save by changing -- or by staying in -- your health insurance plan. It summarizes thousands of facts about the plans to simplify your choice. Some agencies have arranged access to the guide for their employees. [ MORE ]

Federal Employee Pay Freeze Calculator
An employee group has created an online calculator to help all federal employees understand the true long-term costs to their wallet from an extended pay freeze [ MORE ]

New Online Tool: Estimate Your Retirement Costs
Use this online tool to estimate the income you'll need as a retiree to achieve economic security [ MORE ]

What Is Your Investment Risk Tolerance? Take the Quiz
February 8, 2012
The online quiz was developed by two university personal finance professors, and is provided by Rutgers University [ MORE ]

2012 Federal Holidays
Federal law (5 U.S.C. 6103) establishes these public holidays for federal employees in 2012. [ MORE ]

2011 Federal Holidays
Federal law (5 U.S.C. 6103) establishes these public holidays for federal employees. [ MORE ]

TSP Loan Calculator: Should You Borrow from Your TSP?
Is a TSP loan a good idea? What will it cost you in the long run? Will it jeopardize your future retirement income? And, if so, by how much? Get pointers plus access two helpful TSP loan calculators to help you make a decision [ MORE ]

2010 Federal Tax Withholding Calculator for Federal Employees
How much federal income tax should be withheld from your monthly payment? Use this updated online calculator for 2010 from the Office of Personnel Management [ MORE ]

2010 Federal Employee Travel Per Diem Rates
August 24, 2009
The General Services Administration (GSA) has released the 2010 federal employee travel per diem rates, which apply to travel from October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010. cf [ MORE ]

College Savings Calculator
Use this college savings calculator to determine the amount you need to invest each year to ensure that you will have enough to cover your child's college costs. [ MORE ]

FEGLI Calculator: Calculating Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Options and Premiums
Determine the face value of various combinations of FEGLI coverage, calculate the premiums for the various combinations of coverage, see how choosing different options can change the amount of life insurance and the premiums, plus view how the life insurance carried into retirement will change over time [ MORE ]

Guide to CSRS Spousal Survivor Benefits at the Death of an Employee or an Annuitant
Edward A. Zurndorfer, CFP
Learn the details of CSRS survivor benefits for spouses of deceased employees and retirees. Numerous practical examples are included. [ MORE ]

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