Thrift Savings Plan Loan Program

3 Considerations Before You Borrow From Your Thrift Savings Plan Account
Potential lost of long-term interest gains, having less ablity to make contributions (or get agency matching contributions), and tax consequences are all important factors to think about. [ MORE ]

6 Key Rules to Borrowing from Your Thrift Savings (TSP) Account
A quick view of the ins and outs of the condidtions in which you can borrow from your TSP [ MORE ]

Types of Thrift Savings Plan Loans
Two basic types include a general purpose loan and a residential loan. [ MORE ]

How to Apply for A Thrift Savings Plan Loan
You can apply for a Thrift Savings Plan loan in one of two ways: 1.  Electronic Request on the TSP website The website (A href="http://www.tsp [ MORE ]

Critical Ins and Outs of Repaying a TSP Loan
Avoid costly surprises in your financial future by carefully reviewing these rules of repaying a Thrift Savings Plan loan -- before you apply. [ MORE ]

Taxable Distribution of a TSP Loan
Under several conditions, the TSP must declare a taxable distribution on the entire unpaid loan balance (including any accrued interest) [ MORE ]

Under the New Roth TSP Option, TSP Loan Rules Are Somewhat Modified
Edward A. Zurndorfer, Certified Financial Planner
Federal benefits expert, Ed Zurndorfer, discusses borrowing from the Roth TSP and the new rules for all TSP loans [ MORE ]

TSP Loan Calculator: Should You Borrow from Your TSP?
Is a TSP loan a good idea? What will it cost you in the long run? Will it jeopardize your future retirement income? And, if so, by how much? Get pointers plus access two helpful TSP loan calculators to help you make a decision [ MORE ]

TSP Loans: What Federal Employees Should Consider
Edward A. Zurndorfer, CFP
More and more Americans are taking out loans against their retirement savings plans due to troubling economic times. Federal employee benefits expert Edward Zurndorfer provides insight on the pros and cons of TSP loans. [ MORE ]