CSRS Survivor Benefits

Guide to Children Survivor Benefits Upon the Death of an Employee or an Annuitant
Edward A. Zurndorfer, CFP
Learn how a child qualifies for a monthly survivor benefit, when the child is eligible to receive benefits, and what information must be provided to OPM. Also included are the forms you need and a practical example. [ MORE ]

Guide to CSRS Spousal Survivor Benefits at the Death of an Employee or an Annuitant
Edward A. Zurndorfer, CFP
Learn the details of CSRS survivor benefits for spouses of deceased employees and retirees. Numerous practical examples are included. [ MORE ]

CHECKLIST: Your Survivor's "Peace of Mind"
Have you provided your survivors with the critical details they will need when you pass away? Use this checklist to make sure your survivors have peace of mind. [ MORE ]

CSRS: Survivor Benefits Elections at Retirement
When you retire, you are given the opportunity to elect a survivor annuity for your current spouse, former spouse, or insurable interest survivor [ MORE ]

CSRS: Survivor Benefits Elections After Retirement
After retirement, how and when you can name a new survivor, or change your spousal survivor benefit elections [ MORE ]

CSRS: Survivor Benefits for Current Employees (Death-In-Service Benefits)
The surviving spouse, former spouse (if any), and children may qualify for a survivor annuity if a current CSRS employee dies before retirement. [ MORE ]

CSRS: Lump Sum Payment Upon Death of Employee or Annuitant
If you die leaving no survivors who qualify for a survivor annuity, your contributions to the Civil Service Retirement Fund, plus any applicable interest, will be paid as a lump-sum death benefit [ MORE ]

CSRS: Insurable Interest Election and Annuity Reduction
If you are in good health and you retire for reasons other than disability, you may elect to provide a survivor annuity to someone with an insurable interest. [ MORE ]