Federal Employee News and Commentary

8 Reasons Your Retirement Estimate May be Inaccurate
Why sometimes retirement estimates from your agency don't accurately predict what you can expect in retirement more

TSP Moves to Expand Investment, Withdrawal Choices
The TSP's governing board on Monday endorsed opening a "window" through which account holders could invest in a wide range of mutual funds, as well as new options for taking withdrawals both while still employed and after retiring or leaving for other reasons more

Federal Employees Dodge Proposed Cut to Their TSP Benefits
Changes in the rate of return on the Thrift Savings Plan's G fund were not part of a deal senators announced Tuesday on a six-year extension of highway funding more

Traditional vs. Roth TSP Contributions
Considerations for the Thrift Savings Plan's two ways to save for retirement more

The 2016 COLA for Federal Retirees is Zero Right Now
June's number comes out on Friday, but we won't know until October whether there's an increase next year more

Federal Employees Should Watch Out for Pension Contribution Hikes
As Congress wrestles with major legislation over the summer and into the fall, members of Congress and federal employee groups are warning that federal pension contribution increases and retirement cuts are a real danger more

More Federal Employees Could Get Overtime Pay With New Rule
The administration said it would extend the threshold for overtime pay to federal employees if new rule is finalized more

Answers to Your Questions About Long Term Care Insurance
Planning for a long-time disability has become more than it was 30 years ago because people are living longer. A 30-year retirement is not unusual more

A Retirement Readiness Checklist for Federal Employees
Before the magic date arrives, you need to ask yourself some questions more

The Difference Between a FERS Supplement and Social Security
Because the methods of computing the FERS supplement are different from the actual Social Security benefit computation, the supplement and the Social Security benefit you will receive will not be the same amount more

3 Times It Makes Sense to File Early for Social Security
Social Security benefits can be reduced by as much as 7 to 8 percent for each year a person files early more

What Are the Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules?
When can withdrawals begin from the Roth IRA without paying income taxes? more

President Obama Provides Parental Leave for Federal Employees
January 15, 2015
President Obama will sign a presidential memorandum providing six weeks of administrative leave to federal employees with a new child more