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Federal Employee News and Commentary

Bonus Spending Cap Increased to 1.5 Percent For Federal Employees
Federal employees have received something of an early holiday present, as the Obama administration has boosted by half the amount that agencies may pay in awards for performance or special accomplishments [ MORE ]

Choosing A Health Plan Isn't Rocket Science -- Or Is It?
Most people know there are ways to save money on health insurance, but the author says there are also ways to actually make money while insured [ MORE ]

Peanut Pay Raise, Diet COLA vs. Health Premiums: Do the Math
If you're a federal employee, how do you afford premiums that are going up 6 percent while your pay increase is only 1 percent? [ MORE ]

Trump Has a Plan for Government Workers. They're Not Going to Like It.
President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress are drawing up plans to take on the government bureaucracy they have long railed against, by eroding job protections and grinding down benefits that federal workers have received for a generation [ MORE ]

Should Self-Plus One Enrollees Return to a Self-and-Family FEHB Plan?
It stands to reason that premiums in a self-plus-one health plan would be lower than family plan premiums, but not always [ MORE ]

Pay for Performance Could Be Coming to Federal Agencies
Vice president elect Mike Pence was governor of a state with a strong commitment to rewarding good performance [ MORE ]

What If She or He Wins the Presidency? Is Your Thrift Savings Plan Safe?
What happens to federal employees' Thrift Savings Plan accounts if a candidate wins the election? [ MORE ]