Federal Employee News and Commentary

Would Delay in a Long-Term Care Price Hike for Federal Employees Do Any Good?
Angry members of Congress are urging the Office of Personnel Management to delay a major price hike in the long-term-care insurance program for federal employees and retirees [ MORE ]

Avoiding the Long-Term Care Premium Hike
Are you still in sticker shock over the new federal long-term care premiums? [ MORE ]

What Social Security Isn't Telling You About Your Money
The agency isn't doing the best job of communicating crucial information, the GAO finds. Like how much do you gain by delaying your claim? [ MORE ]

Federal Employees on the Fence About Retirement Plans Following Election
The presidential transition will not impact many federal employees' decision to retire, but some say that decision may depend on the candidate who takes office -- and the changes he or she might make to the federal retirement system [ MORE ]

Your Federal Long-Term Care Choices: Downsize or Bail Out
Federal long-term care premiums are going up an average of $111 per month. What do you do if you can't afford it? [ MORE ]

Q&A: Will My Wife Be Subject to the Windfall Elimination Provision and/or Government Pension Offset?
For some reason in 2004, when she didn't self-switch to Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), they switched her to CSRS Offset, citing a break in service from 1980-84 [ MORE ]

Are You Using the Wrong Language When Asking About Your Retirement?
When seeking retirement information, make sure you're precise in how you phrase your question [ MORE ]