Federal Employee News and Commentary

5 Ways to Avoid Taxes on Your Social Security Benefits
A few strategies can reduce (or eliminate) the taxes you'll owe on your benefits [ MORE ]

Less Than 100 Federal Employees Have Signed Up for Phased Retirement
More than four years after Congress signed off on the program, less than 100 federal employees have submitted applications for phased retirement to the Office of Personnel Management [ MORE ]

Medicare Advantage: Know the Pitfalls
Baby boomers on Medicare are streaming into Medicare Advantage plans, with nearly 18 million people currently enrolled in them. But a new study identifies pitfalls that might not be obvious to those signing up [ MORE ]

SES Bonus Caps Going Up in 2017 By Nearly 3 Percent
Senior executives have reason to celebrate the new guidance from the Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget [ MORE ]

Seniors Balk and Social Security Backs Off Text Messaging Requirement
Seeking to enhance online protections, the agency required "my Social Security" account holders to use a password sent to them via text message. That was a problem for some older folks who don't text message and don't plan to. [ MORE ]

A Retirement Guide for Every Stage of Your Career
Resources for early career, mid-career and pre-retirement planning [ MORE ]

Federal Employee Who Faked Cancer Agrees to Repay $40K in Sick Leave
A former ATF agent agreed to settle allegations he took more than 80 paid sick days while pretending to have cancer [ MORE ]