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TSP Quiz
ven the most experienced investors in the federal government's retirement savings program may find some things about it surprising . . . more

Washington-Area Feds' Salaries Actually Grew 3.6 Percent in 2014
Federal employees officially received a 1 percent pay raise in 2014, but a newly released analysis shows that the actual increase was much more -- at least in the Washington area . . . more

Answers to Your Questions About Long Term Care Insurance
Planning for a long-time disability has become more than it was 30 years ago because people are living longer. A 30-year retirement is not unusual . . . more

Investment Costs: The TSP's Hidden Advantage
The Thrift Savings Plan costs less in fees than most other kinds of retirement vehicles . . . more

1.3 Percent Pay Raise On the Horizon For Feds Next Year
Legislative spending bills so far are silent on pay boost for civilian employees, paving the way for president's recommendation . . . more

Data Breach Hits Some Retired Feds
Information about them since they actually retired -- name, residence, amount of the annuity payments, etc. -- was not hacked . . . more

Stop Paying Federal Employees to Sit Home, OPM Tells Agencies
The government is taking action to curb the long-maligned practice of putting federal employees on paid leave for months -- and even years -- while they wait to be punished for misbehavior or cleared and allowed to return to the office . . . more

What You Need to Know About Taxes
A review some of the basics regarding the taxes you pay now compared to what you'll pay after you retire . . . more

Four-Year Pay Freeze, Workforce Cuts and Other Ideas From New Presidential Contenders
Five more presidential hopefuls have become official contenders in the last week, and with them come a slew of new ideas for reforming federal agencies and their workforces . . . more
Freshman Congressman Seeks Pay Raise, Respect for Federal Employees
The representative wants to recognize them with a pay raise significantly greater than the 1.3 percent Obama has proposed . . . more
A Retirement Readiness Checklist for Federal Employees
Before the magic date arrives, you need to ask yourself some questions . . . more
The Difference Between a FERS Supplement and Social Security
Because the methods of computing the FERS supplement are different from the actual Social Security benefit computation, the supplement and the Social Security benefit you will receive will not be the same amount . . . more
3 Times It Makes Sense to File Early for Social Security
Social Security benefits can be reduced by as much as 7 to 8 percent for each year a person files early . . . more
TSP Aims for Better Customer Service, Participant Education
55 percent of participants who left federal service last quarter also left the TSP due to limited investment and withdrawal options, and wanting more direct advice from the plan . . . more
Federal Employees Have Property Rights to Their Jobs. Even the Ones You Want to Fire
The author states that career federal (and other public) employees have a property interest in their jobs. It's a major distinction with the private sector . . . more
What Are the Roth IRA Withdrawal Rules?
When can withdrawals begin from the Roth IRA without paying income taxes? . . . more
President Obama Provides Parental Leave for Federal Employees
January 15, 2015
President Obama will sign a presidential memorandum providing six weeks of administrative leave to federal employees with a new child . . . more

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