Federal Employee News and Commentary

Retirement Backlog Jumps in January
The backlog of federal retirement claims increased 73 percent between December and January due to an influx of new applications last month [ MORE ]

How Much Should Federal Pay Increase?
A major federal employee union is calling on lawmakers to approve a 5.3% pay raise in 2017 -- a partial catch-up for the national and local pay adjustments denied for the past four years [ MORE ]

Powerful Lawmaker Goes After Federal Employee Union Enrollment
House Budget Committee chairman plans to introduce legislation to make it harder for labor groups to collect dues and organize government workers [ MORE ]

After Nearly Four Years, Phased Retirement Hasn't Quite Taken Off
As of mid-January, a whopping 31 people across government had applied to take advantage of the benefit, according to the OPM [ MORE ]

TSP 2016: So Far, Not So Good
2015 wasn't a very good year for the federal Thrift Savings Plan. But it looks like the good old days compared to the TSP's stock fund performance year-to-date [ MORE ]

Retirement Financial Fallout from 'Gray Divorce'
The spike in people over age 50 who are divorcing puts more baby boomers at risk just as they're about to retire [ MORE ]

The 2016 Presidential Candidates on Social Security
The 2016 presidential candidates have proposed various changes to Social Security. Here's a compiled list comparing these changes. [ MORE ]