Federal Employee News and Commentary

With A Zero 2016 COLA Likely for Federal Retirees, NARFE Hopes Bill Can Stop 2016 Medicare Hikes
Federal retirees won't know if they'll get a cost-of-living-adjustment until October, but the possibility of a COLA-less 2016 has some worried about a Medicare price hike on the horizon [ MORE ]

Who Is Entitled to Your Survivor Benefits?
While you can designate anyone to receive the proceeds of your Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance or Thrift Savings Plan account, the rules are much stricter about who is eligible to receive a survivor annuity [ MORE ]

TSP's F Fund Spikes Amid Market Turbulence
The F Fund, which tracks the U.S. bond market, is up "sharply" in August, officials said at a Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board meeting on Monday. The F Fund is one of TSP's more stable investments available to participants [ MORE ]

TSP Asset Allocation and Hedging
The author explains asset allocation, and describes why the Thrift Savings Plan makes allocating your investment assets about as easy as it could be [ MORE ]

Dealing With The High Cost of Health Coverage
How to manage health costs in retirement [ MORE ]

Going Part-Time in Phased Retirement: What Are Your Odds, Options?
After seemingly hibernating in the land of the lost, Uncle Sam's phased retirement program is popping up all over [ MORE ]

10 Healthiest (and Most Affordable) Places to Retire
The survey ranked the 60 largest U.S. cities on eight categories -- including health care, the economy and affordability [ MORE ]

Dear Congress: Stop Messing With the G Fund
Federal employee advocates don't believe a proposed change to the TSP's most stable offering is dead yet [ MORE ]