Federal Employee News and Commentary

Tapping Retirement Accounts Early: The Ins and Outs
Retirement accounts -- like the Thrift Savings Plan -- are not designed as piggy banks to be tapped for nonretirement expenses. But stuff happens [ MORE ]

Limits on Feds' Bonuses and Leave Included in Senate's New Government Reform Package
The legislation will include a measure to prohibit bonuses paid to federal employees engaged in misconduct [ MORE ]

Social Security: To Delay or Not to Delay?
Deciding when to claim a Social Security retirement benefit can get complicated [ MORE ]

Federal Retirement: For Many, It's No Longer When, But If
Back in the day, someone who decided on a federal career could figure out, almost from day one, when he or she would be able to retire. Today, the vast majority of federal workers face a more confusing retirement picture [ MORE ]

How Much Would You Owe Under the Next President? See the Candidate Tax Calculator
This online tax calculator lets you see just how each 2016 candidate could affect your tax burden if he or she became president [ MORE ]

Buying a Bigger Federal Retirement Benefit
You can, in some cases, through service credit deposits and redeposits [ MORE ]

Are You Getting the Service Credit You Deserve?
Here are some of the most common service credit situations that can interfere with the annuity benefit calculation (and sometimes the eligibility requirements) for CSRS and FERS [ MORE ]