Federal Employee News and Commentary

Action By Inaction Means 1.6 Percent Federal Pay Raise Likely in 2017
In what amounts to a decision by indecision, both sides of Capitol Hill have now signaled a willingness to allow -- but no willingness to specify -- a federal employee raise in January [ MORE ]

$40k Buyout Package: Treasure Chest or Empty Nest?
Decision day on those proposed $40,000 federal buyouts is approaching and there's more than bigger buyouts on the congressional shopping list [ MORE ]

Is There a Buyout In Your Future?
The author discusses if the proposed buyouts aren't Ok'd this year, they will almost certainly be proposed again to the new Congress [ MORE ]

The Outlook for a 2017 Pay Raise and Retiree COLA Increase
The odds of a small pay raise are good. But for a retiree COLA, not so much. [ MORE ]

Sometimes, Your Federal Retirement Benefit Really Is Too Small
A story of one federal retiree's fight for a bigger annuity -- with a happy ending [ MORE ]

Getting the Best Deal on Life Insurance
How does the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) stack up against other alternatives? [ MORE ]

How to Get the Most from Social Security's Survivor Benefit
Why it sometimes makes sense for a survivor to take their own benefit for a while, switching to the survivor benefit later...or vice versa [ MORE ]