Federal Employee News and Commentary

Traffic Jam at Retirement and Health Insurance Intersection?
It's possible that a large (maybe record) number of federal employees will put in their retirement papers and -- for many for the first time -- also decide to change their health plan [ MORE ]

What You Need to Know about Federal Employee Health and Life Insurance
Planning ahead is critical if you want to avoid unpleasant (and potentially life-altering) surprises [ MORE ]

8 Questions About Social Security Claiming Strategies
In the wake of new legislation, the author explains the phase-out of 'file-and-suspend' and looks at the valuable spousal-claiming techniques still available to married couples looking to maximize their benefits [ MORE ]

Warning: Health Coverage For a Couple Can Cost More Than Those in Larger Families For About 410,000 Feds and Retirees
Some folks were startled to learn that the new "self plus one" option in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program can be more expensive than family coverage, depending on the company [ MORE ]

Federal Salaries Lag Behind Private Sector by 35 Percent On Average, Pay Council Says
The largest indicated pay disparities are in the areas of Washington-Baltimore and San Francisco and San Diego [ MORE ]

Smaller Locality Raises Likely
Because of the new people in the locality pay pool, future raises for employees will likely be slightly smaller -- more people taking a slice of the pie [ MORE ]

Don't Forget to 'Turn On' Your Benefits When You Retire
What steps federal employees need to take to receive their benefits after retirement (get ready for some paperwork) [ MORE ]

Want Your Full Retirement Benefits Sooner? Prepare Early, Personnel Agency Tells Federal Employees.
Federal employees can help shorten the time it takes to process their applications for retirement benefits, long a sore point in the workforce, by preparing well in advance, the official overseeing that process has said [ MORE ]