Federal Employee News and Commentary

Retirement With Training Wheels
How phased retirement works [ MORE ]

Are Federal Pay and Benefits Too Generous?
A conservative Washington think tank claims they are in a new set of proposed personnel reforms [ MORE ]

Tax Decisions in Federal Retirement
When you retire, you'll face choices about tax withholding from your benefit check [ MORE ]

A Payout Limit on Social Security Benefits
There's a limit on how much can be paid on a single record - known as the family maximum - and it can squeeze what a spouse or dependent might otherwise be entitled to [ MORE ]

Medicare Advantage Grows, But Provider Choice Is Limited
Medicare enrollees are moving in greater numbers than ever to the program's managed care option as a way to save money. But the tradeoff is much less ability to use their preferred doctors and hospitals [ MORE ]

Social Security May Be In Worse Shape Than Trustees Suggest
The Social Security Trustees made their projections last month showing the program's sizeable shortfall and its trust fund's insolvency date, but there are other projections that show a more dire state [ MORE ]

Think Twice Before Using Your IRA For Quick Cash
If you or a family member encounter financial trouble, you may think that your IRA is a good resource to get you through the crisis. This can be a dangerous plan as one IRA owner found out [ MORE ]