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Federal Employee News and Commentary

Where Is Phased Retirement?
Agencies keep federal employees waiting on the new program . . . more
FEHB Modernization Would Improve Service, Save Money
A bi-partisan lawmakers' proposal could provide more comprehensive health plans for federal employees and save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars . . . more
Average TSP Balance Tops $113k: Are You Smart, Lucky or Both?
When it comes to prepping for retirement, federal workers are doing much better than their private sector counterparts . . . more
Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc on TSP Customer Service Line
Participants dialing the ThriftLine heard busy signals and were cut off . . . more
You've Invested for Retirement. Now What?
What to do with the wealth you've accumulated in the Thrift Savings Plan. . . . more
Furlough Appeals Falter: 99.5 Percent Denied So Far
The small agency that's hearing appeals of almost 33,000 federal workers furloughed after the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration took effect in 2013 is officially reporting that 99.5 percent of the employees have lost their cases . . . more
Obama Tells Feds 'I Have Your Back' As Relative Pay Drops
When President Obama told federal employees "I have your back" earlier this month, it was an important statement of support for a workforce that has been demoralized for years . . . more
Reality Check: Federal Pay Raise vs. Take Home Pay
President Obama's 2016 budget proposal includes some good news and bad news for federal employees . . . more
Is It Risky to Play It Safe in the TSP?
The G-fund never has a bad day, which is the good news. The bad, sometimes, news is that the G-fund also never has a really good day . . . more
President Obama Provides Parental Leave for Federal Employees
January 15, 2015
President Obama will sign a presidential memorandum providing six weeks of administrative leave to federal employees with a new child . . . more
Taking Social Security to the Max
Crunching the numbers to see how much high-income people, who tend to live longer, can benefit by delaying Social Security . . . more
How to Interpret Your Social Security Benefit Statement
The annual statements provide a useful projection of what you can expect to receive in benefits at various retirement ages, if you become widowed or suffer a disability that prevents you from working . . . more
How To Avoid Accidentally Setting Your Retirement Date Back 5 Years
Suppose (in order to save a few bucks) you have put yourself into a position where you must work five years past your retirement deadline. Here's how it happens all the time . . . more
Pre-Retirement To-Do List
April 25, 2013
Are you one of the growing number of federal employees who are preparing to retire in the near future? If so, here's a list of things that you should do to get ready . . . more
Check List for New Federal Retirees
Although there isn't much recent retirees can do about the retirement claims backlog, there are a few things that they can do to be sure your employee benefits continue while you're awaiting final processing of your retirement. Here are a few things to be aware of . . . more
Tips for Boomers When Picking a Retirement Community
When it comes to setting down for your golden years, boomers should make sure their choice meets their social, cultural, and recreational requirements as well as future health-care costs . . . more
Requesting Your CSRS/FERS Annuity Estimate for Retirement Date
One of the important things all employees should do before retirement is request an annuity estimate. This is a calculation of your Civil Service Retirement System or Federal Employees Retirement System benefit prepared by your human resources office for a specific retirement date . . . more

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