GS Pay Scale 2017 for Federal Employees

President OKs 2017 Federal Employee Pay Raise
The 1.6 percent average 2017 federal pay raise includes a 1 percent across-the-board increase with a 0.6 percent adjustment for locality pay [ MORE ]

2017 Federal Pay Raise of 5.3 Percent Urged by Employee Groups
A coalition of 23 groups representing federal employees are renewing their call for legislation that would provide a 5.3 percent pay raise in 2017. [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Pay Schedules Issued by OPM
The Office of Personnel Management has issued the official 2016 Federal Pay Tables for General Schedule, Locality Pay, and other federal wage categories [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Pay Raise Moves Forward After Budget Deal
By Congress taking no position for an increase in 2016, the pay raise will default to the amount previously directed by President Obama [ MORE ]

President Approves 2016 Locality Pay Increases
President Barack Obama yesterday approved the locality pay increases in 2016 for federal employees [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Salary Increase for 102,000 Employees in New GS Locality Pay Areas
Establishing 13 new locality pay areas will impact about 102,000 GS employees in 2016. The regulations are effective November 27, 2015, after which time the 2016 federal salary rates for the new areas will be set by the president through an executive order. The regulations are applicable on the first day of the first pay period beginning on or after January 1, 2016. [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Pay Raise: President OKs Plan for 1.3 Percent
The White House issued a letter to Congress Friday setting an alternative plan for federal pay raises for civilian employees covered by the General Schedule (GS) and certain other pay systems in January 2016 [ MORE ]

AFGE: Locality Pay Increase for 13 New Cities in 2016
In a meeting with the an Office of Management and Budget official last week, the American Federation of Government Employees received assurances that new pay localities will be established in January [ MORE ]

Obama Proposes 1.3% Federal Pay Raise in 2016 Budget
February 2, 2015
President Obama wants to give federal employees and uniformed members of the U.S. military a 1.3 percent pay raise in fiscal year 2016. The proposed 2016 federal pay raise would be slightly more than the 1 percent bump given to federal workers in the last two years [ MORE ]

3.8 Percent Federal Pay Raise in 2016 Proposed by Lawmakers
January 14, 2015
Lawmakers in the House and Senate introduce legislation in the House to provide a 3.8 percent pay raise to federal workers. President of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association (NARFE), said, "A 3.8 percent pay increase for federal employees would help close the growing gap between federal and private-sector pay [ MORE ]