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CSRS Overview

Classification Generally, all federal and postal employees hired before 1984  (unless they opted for FERS coverage in one of the open seasons in 1987 or 1998)
Benefits Annuity offering guaranteed lifetime retirement income with a survivor benefit annuity option
Employee contributions

Regular employees:
7.0% to CSRS Retirement & Disability Trust Fund
1.45% to Medicare  
There is no contribution to Social Security

Special employee groups: (law enforcement, firefighters, air traffic controllers) 
7.5% to CSRS REtirement & Disablity Trust Fund
1.45% to Medicare  
There is no contribution to Social Security

Thrift Savings Plan CSRS employees can contribute up to $17,000 (in 2012) of basic pay per year.  There are no matching contributions to the TSP from the government for CSRS employees.


Revised: 03/07/12