Access Your Federal Retirement Benefits and Insurance Online (Coming Soon)

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) described new policies in December 2007 that will enable employees to apply for federal retirement benefits and insurance online.

This allows the federal employee to bypass the lengthy paperwork normally part of the pre-retirement process. With the surge of baby-boomers nearing retirement, this will reduce the paperwork involved, according to OPM.

"The new electronic retirement and insurance processing system will provide employees, annuitants and survivors with access to their retirement and insurance information in a manner that was not previously available to them," OPM states.

This change is part of the OPM's Retirement Systems Modernization program. Those using the new web-based system will be protected by electronic signatures and other security measures.

The roll-out of the system is reported to be available to all federal employees by 2009

Source:  Federal Register,