FERS Transfer

FERS Transfer Overview

Classification Generally, employees who were covered by CSRS (with at least five years of service) and voluntarily transfered to FERS during the two FERS Open Seasons in 1987 and 1998.


Covered by two components of their retirement annuities:  1) from CSRS, and 2) from FERS

FERS Employee Contributions


Regular Employees: 
0.8 % basic pay into FERS
4.2% of first $110,100 of wages (in 2012) to Social Security (FICA)
1.45% to Medicare

Special employee groups: (law enforcement, firefighters, air traffic controllers) 
1.3% basic pay into FERS
6.2% of first $110,100 wages (in 2012) to Social Security (FICA)

1.45% to Medicare  

Thrfit Savings Plan same as regular FERS

Revised: 03/07/12