FERS Retirement

FERS Retirement Overview

Classification Generally, all federal and postal employees hired after January 1, 1984 (or CSRS-covered employees that opted for FERS coverage in one of the open seasons in 1987 or 1998)
Benefits Annuity offering guaranteed lifetime retirement income with a survivor benefit annuity option
Employee contributions

Regular employees:
0.8% to FERS Retirement & Disability Trust Fund
1.45% to Medicare  
4.2% of first $110,100 of wages (in 2012) to Social Security

Special employee groups: (law enforcement, firefighters, air traffic controllers) 
1.30% to FERS Retirement & Disablity Trust Fund
1.45% to Medicare  
4.2% of first $110,100 of wages (in 2012) to Social Security

Thrift Savings Plan FERS employees can contribute up to $17,000 (in 2012) of basic pay per year.  The government automatically contributes 1% of employee's basic pay to the TSP;  up to 5% of basic pay depending on the amount of the employee's contribution. 

Revised: 03/07/12