FEGLI - Basic Insurance

Cost of FEGLI Basic Insurance 

The cost of Basic insurance is shared between you and the Government. You pay two-thirds of the cost, and the federal government pays one-third.

Your age does not affect the cost of Basic insurance.

The cost of Basic insurance may change from time to time.  The Office of Personnel Management will announce premium changes prior to their effective date.

Withholdings for FEGLI Basic insurance

Effective January 2003, your share of the cost of Basic insurance is $0.15 biweekly for each $1,000 of your Basic Insurance Amount.

This amount must be withheld from your pay for each pay period during which you are in pay status for any part of the pay period. If your Basic coverage becomes effective at any time other than the beginning of the pay period, full withholdings for the entire pay period are required.

Other Than Biweekly Pay Periods:  If you are paid on other than a biweekly basis, the amount withheld from your pay must be prorated and adjusted to the nearest one-tenth of one cent.

Government contribution for FEGLI Basic Insurance

The federal government's share of the cost of Basic Insurance is an amount equal to one-half of your withholding (or one-third of the total premium).

This amount must be contributed for each pay period during which you are in pay status for any part of the pay period.

The Government contribution comes from the appropriation or fund that is used for the payment of your salary. For an elected official, the contribution must come from the appropriation or fund that is available for payment of other salaries in the same office.

FEGLI Basic Insurance amount 

How to calculate your Basic Insurance amount:

  • Take your annual rate of basic pay, and
  • Round up to the next higher thousand (if it's not already an even thousand dollar amount), and
  • Add $2,000.

Example:  Janet has an annual salary of $38,586. Round that up to $39,000. Then add $2,000. Her Basic Insurance Amount is $41,000.

Click here to view the Table of Basic Insurance Amounts. 

If you are eligible to continue Basic life insurance coverage as an annuitant or compensationer, your Basic Insurance Amount is the amount in effect at the time your insurance as an employee stops. This is at either your separation from service or 12 months of nonpay status, whichever is earlier.

Minimum Basic Insurance Amount

The minimum Basic Insurance Amount is $10,000. Any employee whose annual pay is less than $8,000 has $10,000 in Basic insurance.

Age Multiplication Factor

Employees under age 45 covered for Basic insurance automatically have extra coverage without paying any additional premium. This extra coverage increases the amount of Basic insurance payable at the time of your death, if you die before age 45.

To determine the amount of the extra benefit, multiply your Basic Insurance Amount by the appropriate age multiplication factor as follows: 


Your Age


35 or under




















45 and over


Example:  Charles dies at age 40, with an annual salary of $27,126. His Basic Insurance Amount is $30,000. The age multiplication factor is 1.5. The amount of Basic life insurance payable is $45,000.