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Mass Transit Benefit Increases in 2013 for Federal Employees

January 10, 2013

The fiscal cliff deal Congress passed last week will nearly double the maximum monthly mass transit benefit received by federal employees in 2013.  

The mass transit benefit now matches the parking benefit at $240 per month, and allows for the benefit to be retroative to January 1, 2012, according to the National Treasury Employees Union (NETU). reported that "[i]t's still not clear what the retroactive portion of the provision means, so the Obama administration (most likely through the Internal Revenue Service) will have to issue guidance clarifying the situation."

The transit benefit had fallen substantially behind the benefit for parking because Congress had failed to extend it prior to the end of 2011; as a result, the maximum monthly benefit for this portion of the transit subsidy fell to $125 a month for all of 2012, NTEU said.

NTEU ( stated it has been working to restore the parity between transit and parking benefits for federal employees, including providing congressional testimony and writing to members of Congress.