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OPM Reduces Backlog of Retirement Processing Claims

Updated: January 7, 2015

In December, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) reduced its retirement processing claims to the lowest number in more than a year. At the end of December, OPM's report revealed it had trimmed the inventory of unprocessed retirement claims to 11,669 compared to the prior month of 14,039.  

The agency's stated strategic plan "is to eliminate the current backlog in processing retirement claims.  No later than July 2013, we hope to proclaim that 90 percent of retirees receive their full annuity payments within 60 days of retirement."   While that goal was not quite met in December, the agency did reach an 83.7 percent rate of retirement claims processed within 60 days of being received. notes that this dent in the backlog may not last long, as OPM typically sees an influx of new retirement claims every year in January and February.

Below is a summary of OPM's most recent report: