Federal Employees Need to Understand Medicare Eligibility and Enrollment Rules - Part II
Edward A. Zurndorfer, Certified Financial Planner - July 29, 2015
All current federal employees and those employees who have retired since 1993 are, or will be, eligible to enroll in Medicare when they are 65. Federal benefits expert, Ed Zurndorfer, discusses how some Medicare Part B (medical insurance) enrollees may be overpaying their Part B premiums more

The 5-Year Rule: Keeping Your Federal Health Benefits and Life Insurance After Retirement
July 28, 2015
A couple of areas federal employees often overlook when planning for retirement are the "five year rules" that apply for keeping both Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) and Federal Employee's Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) after retirement more

Thrift Savings Plan Calculators
These online calculators can assist in estimating the growth of contributions, assessing tax treatment, determining retirement income from withdrawals, and estimating loan payments more

OPM Releases Handbook on Leave and Work Schedule Flexibilities For Eldercare
July 23, 2015
The handbook also provides information on work life programs available to federal employees providing care for an elderly family member more

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2015 Federal Leave Chart / Record / Calendar
Keep track of your 2015 leave with this handy calendar downloadable in PDF more

2015 Checkbook Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees and Annuitants
The guide tells you how much money you can save by changing -- or by staying in -- your health insurance plan. It summarizes thousands of facts about the plans to simplify your choice. Some agencies have arranged access to the guide for their employees. more

Federal Employee Pay Freeze Calculator
March 20, 2012
An employee group has created an online calculator to help all federal employees understand the true long-term costs to their wallet from an extended pay freeze more

New Online Tool: Estimate Your Retirement Costs
Use this online tool to estimate the income you'll need as a retiree to achieve economic security more