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10 Biggest Federal Retirement Mistakes

While many federal employees will be eligible to retire in the next fifteen years, unfortunately some of them will discover they will be unable to retire at the time they intend to because  important tasks -- that should have been performed during their federal service -- were not completed.   

This report discusses the 10 biggest federal retirement planning mistakes that many employees make before leaving civil service -- whether they are part of the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), CSRS-Offset, or the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) and FERS-Transfer.  It includes topics such as:

  • Not carefully reviewing personnel records prior to federal retirement
  • Failure to make timely requests of estimates of unpaid deposits or redeposits
  • Overlooking the important rules for maintaining federal employees health insurance (FEHB) during retirement
  • Not filling out and -- if necessary -- updating beneficiary designations

8 Federal Retirement Planning Strategies

With a proper amount of planning, federal employees can do more than just dream about a comfortable retirement, they can make an effort to make it happen.  Learn eight of the most common areas that need to be addressed by federal employees who plan to retire within the next five years.

Best Federal Retirement Dates 2016-2018

A discussion of the best dates to retire for federal employees in both the CSRS and FERS federal retirement systems.

   New Articles
State-By-State Income Tax Treatment Report Released for Federal Retirees
Which states have exemptions for civil service annuities or Social Security? Which have no personal income tax? [ MORE ]

Reasons (Besides Tax Rates) to Convert Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs
Edward A. Zurndorfer, Certified Financial Planner - April 21, 2016
Federal benefits expert, Ed Zurndorfer, discusses why besides trying to estimate one's future tax bracket and saving on taxes, there are other practical reasons to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA [ MORE ]

8 Strategies for Federal Employees Planning to Retire in the Next 5 Years
Edward A. Zurndorfer, Certified Financial Planner
For many federal employees, their retirement date comes sooner than they may have expected and before they may have had a chance to fully prepare. Federal benefits expert, Ed Zurndorfer, outlines the most common areas that need to be addressed by federal employees who plan to retire within the next five years [ MORE ]

Understanding Your TSP Minimum Distributions
L. Ron Blair, CFP® - April 15, 2016
The author highlights commonly misunderstood information about the Thrift Saving Plan's Roth option required minimum distributions [ MORE ]

   Additional Resources
Guide to Children Survivor Benefits Upon the Death of an Employee or an Annuitant
Edward A. Zurndorfer, CFP
Learn how a child qualifies for a monthly survivor benefit, when the child is eligible to receive benefits, and what information must be provided to OPM. Also included are the forms you need and a practical example. [ MORE ]

State-By-State Guide to Taxes for Retirees
The free online tool provides a detailed summary of state taxes on income, property, and everything you buy [ MORE ]

2016 Federal Leave Chart / Record / Calendar
Keep track of your 2016 leave with this handy calendar downloadable in PDF [ MORE ]